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High Performance Athlete Support
Young athletes struggle everyday to make their athletic dreams a reality. Finding proper training, as well as paying bills, rent and training costs are obstacles that our athletes must overcome in order to join the national team and compete at the international level. This section is designed to link athletes to information on training and assistance services, as well as scholarships and bursaries that are available to aspiring young athletes.

  • Saskatchewan Program for Athletic Excellence
  • Athlete Services
  • FutureBest
  • Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan




    Future Best is designed to assist athletes who are involved in an intense level of training and competition with the personal goals and realistic potential to become a National Senior Team member, yet have not reached carded status or been named to a National Senior Team.

    The Future Best program is supported by the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund.

    The deadline to apply is December 1 annually.

    2018 Future Best Recipients

    Application Procedure:

    • Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) are responsible for nominating athletes who meet the criteria through the online funding portal.
    • Athletes must fill out the online application and the PSO provide approval by the December 1st deadline.
    • The Future Best and Awards Committee will review applications and Sask Sport will notify athlete and PSO of the results.