Laurie Wachs
Coach, Synchronized Swimming, Saskatoon
"I find fulfillment in coaching. My first coach really...
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Becky Richter
Wheelchair Athletics, Saskatoon
"I've achieved beyond anything I thought I could do...
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Brandi Cameron
Catcher, Team Saskatchewan Softball
Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation

As the saying goes, "Like mother, like daughter...
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Rachelle Fuller
SPRA Certified Fitness Leader
Rachelle Fuller received the 2015 Fitness Leadership Award...
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Heather Hynes
Sport Nutritionist
"As the saying goes, You are what you eat. In sports...
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Krista Phillips
"Sport is a world where you can help better yourself and better people around you."
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Brianne Theisen-Eaton
Athletics - Heptathlon
"I love being from Saskatchewan and I feel a lot of support from there. Every time I come home people are always..."
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Klara Kesmarky Miller
Chief Executive Officer
Gymnastics Saskatchewan

"Being involved in sport has made me a better person..."
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Erica Gavel
Basketball - Paralympic
"I have an opportunity to represent Canada, something I had always aspired to do..."
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Miranda Biletski
Rugby - Paralympic
"I think it's huge whether or not you want to play competitively or just get out and do it..."
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Kylie Zirk
"One of my biggest athletic accomplishments that I'm very proud of was being named the..."
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Saskatchewan Under 15 Girls 2014 National Basketball Champions
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Colette Bourgonje & Brittany Hudak
Para-Nordic Cross Country Ski
"It's important to be a mentor, you can make a younger athlete feel comfortable..."
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Dorothy Josephson
Past President, Sask Sport Inc.
Chair, KidSport Saskatchewan

"Sports gave my kids new friends, new interests, and developed their skills."
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Audra Young
Past President, Sask Sport Inc.
"I am from a community that always supported its athletes. Living on the reserve Cowessess First Nation... "
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Nada Gorman
Past President, Sask Sport Inc.
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Marj Walton
Executive Director, Swim Sask
Ava Kalaschnick
Director or Wellness and Leisure, Town of Shaunavon
Cathy Watts
President, Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA)
Dorothy Rhead
Founder, Wascana Wanderers Volksmarch (walking) Club

Ashley Chillog and Chantelle Delong
Parkland Valley Sport, Culture and Recreation District
2012 Summer Programmers

Shelley Thoen-Chaykoski
Leisure Services Director, Town of Foam Lake

Team Holland
2011 Scotties Champions
T. Rita Beth
SPRA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
June Zimmer
Executive Director,
ICANPLAY Sports Canada
and Girls in the Game

in motion Action Hero

Michelle Dezell
2011 YWCA Women of Distinction “Athletics” Award Recipient
Kia Byers
Regina, SK

Motivate Canada’s Esteem Team Athlete

Colleen Sostorics
Women's Hockey
Kennedy, SK
Mimi Lodoen
SPRA Certified Fitness Leader
Video: Cheryl McCallum
Manager- Aboriginal Service Unit, Sask Sport Inc.
Three key Skills (1.31)
Video: Karin Lofstrom
A tool to advocate for more women in the system (1.08)
Video: Karin Lofstrom
Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity
Video: Louise Humbert
University of Saskatchewan
Video: Arlene Lazecki
Silverspring Elementary School

   A huge figure in Canadian women's football


   Women in Coaching