Rachelle Fuller

Rachelle Fuller received the 2015 Fitness Leadership Award, presented to a SPRA Certified Fitness Leader who is a strong and successful promoter of fitness and physical activity in their community.

In rural communities, it is sometimes difficult to access fitness classes due to lack of instructors and facilities. In 2012, recognizing the need for physical activity in her community of Strasbourg, Rachelle set out to become a SPRA certified fitness instructor - and with help from the Recreation Board and the Town of Strasbourg, she secured a location for classes. Rachelle now offers fitness classes three times a week to individuals ranging in age from 25 - 70. She also completed the Pilates & Yoga certification and now incorporates some of this meditation, balance and core work into her cardio, ball and strength training classes. Rachelle also posts short fitness videos on Facebook for her participants to try at home if they are unable to make it to class.

Rachelle's ability to share her passion for fitness and healthy living has assisted others in adopting regular physical activity into their lives.