Orpha Smith

SPRA Fitness Leadership Award

The award is presented to a current SPRA Certified Fitness Leader who is a strong and successful promoter of fitness and physical activity in their community.

Orpha is one of the longest standing certified instructors in Saskatchewan - and she has been providing fitness classes to adults of all ages for the last 38 years. At an average of 7 classes per week, this equates to over 13,000 classes in her fitness career so far - and she has no signs of slowing down. Orpha completed her fitness instructor training at the YMCA in 1977 and began instructing in 1978. She became certified through SPRA in 1993.

Orpha has taught classes continuously throughout the years at all five City of Saskatoon Leisure Centres, the YWCA, YMCA, within the

Community Associations, the University of Saskatchewan and even in the smaller communities surrounding Saskatoon.

She has taught with enthusiasm and her smile and laughter is always appreciated by her participants. Orpha offers a wide variety of classes - including Mom and Baby, Seniors in Action, Low Impact, Walking Muscle Sculpt, Hi-Low, Step, Low Impact and more. She continues to attend the SaskFit Conference every two years to stay current in the fitness industry, and - she recently took the 'Building Strength in Your Classes' workshop held in Saskatoon.

Orpha is a true pioneer of the fitness leadership movement in Saskatchewan and is an inspiration to the health and fitness field.