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All active, registered coaches and activity leader of our provincial sport membership are required to adopt and implement a Respect in Sport policy for their coaches. The policy framework should include the purpose, scope and application, enforcement, the program administrator, as well as the date of policy approval and the process for ongoing review. A sample Respect in Sport for Coaches Policy Template and a Respect in Sport for Coaches Policy - Completion Checklist are available for your use.

It is important to keep your administrator information up-to-date at all times. Please submit changes to your assigned Sport Consultant by using the Respect in Sport Administrator Change Form.

Promotional Materials

We encourage that you use and share this information and help us promote the value of the Respect in Sport program and Respect Resource Line.

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Saskatchewan Resource Line:
Please link your web-button to www.sasksport.ca/RiS/resourceLine.html

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Respect In Sport for Coaches:
For “Hockey coaches” please live-link to https://sha.respectgroupinc.com
For Gymnastic coaches please live-link to https://gymnasticscanada.respectgroupinc.com
For “All other coaches” please live-link to https://sasksrc.respectgroupinc.com

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Public Service Announcements

Keeping Sport Healthy, Safe and Fun promotional materials are also available for your use.

The Respect Group is active in sharing news regarding respect in sport and the workplace via its Media page, available at