Wheelchair Rugby

Originally known as murderball, wheelchair rugby is a rough and rumbling sport for men and women, most of whom have quadriplegia. It is played on a basketball court and the objective is to fully cross the opponent's goal line for a point. It is non-stop action with passing, ball carrying and of course wheelchairs crashing into each other.

This unique sport combines elements of basketball, handball and ice hockey.

Wheelchair rugby is a full-contact game and chair contact is encouraged. To ensure player safety, however, players cannot strike another player's wheelchair anywhere behind the axle of the rear wheel if it causes the chair to rotate horizontally or vertically. Physical body contact is also not permitted.


Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sports Association
Andrea Muir, Executive Director
510 Cynthia Street
Saskatoon, SK S7L 7K7
(306) 975-0824

The Adaptive Sport program is made possible through the financial contributions from the Sask Lotteries; the program is administered through Sask Sport.