Powerchair Soccer

Powerchair Soccer (or Power Football) is a fast paced, competitive sport for persons with disabilities who use electric wheelchairs.

Players use powerchairs equipped with footguards to pass, shoot and carry the ball with the objective of scoring the most goals. The sport is played in a gymnasium. Each team is allowed four players on the court at one time including the goalkeeper.

Powerchair Soccer is played only by those with a diagnosed, severe physical impairment that leads to a verifiable, permanent activity limitation. As a consequence, the athlete needs the use of powered mobility in order to play a sport. For impairments that may fluctuate, for example, multiple sclerosis, classification may be required at every competition.

To minimize the impact that impairment has on the outcome of athletic competition, all participating athletes are placed into sport classes according to how much their impairment affects their athletic performance.


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